Empowers Life Scientists to Present with Confidence


Participants Learn How To:

  • Effectively use body language and visuals to get their message across.
  • Present scientific results clearly and persuasively as part of a story.
  • Manage their fear of public speaking.
  • Design visuals that communicate clear messages.
  • Deliver a memorable “take-home” message.


Our Teaching Approach:

  • Uses in-class recordings of participant presentations.
  • Emphasises the interplay between visual and verbal communication.
  • Creates a friendly and informal atmosphere to encourage constructive criticism.


Science Craft’s Distinctive Advantage:

  • Recordings of in-class presentations are made available for download.
  • Participants receive a workshop portfolio as a guide for creating future presentations.
  • Instructors are native English-speaking scientists with over 15 years of international presentation experience.



Course Details
Duration: 2 full days
Maximum Capacity: 10 participants
Instructors: Dr. Rick Scavetta



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Very nice atmosphere, good discussions! Thanks a lot!

It’s really useful for PhD students. Makes you think creatively and boost your confidence.

I liked that Rick showed us his old “unprofessional” slides. Very sympathetic guy. Good atmosphere, relaxed. Thank you :)

Very informative, I have learned a lot. I will definitely go through my notes the next time that I am preparing a presentation and try to implement the ideas.

It gives really good ideas and basics you can use to improve yourself.

Workshop Description


The 3-fold approach of the Presentation Skills workshop encompasses understanding the interplay between body language, story-telling and slides.


Students “learn by doing” via short practice talks, evaluation presentations, and video recordings of themselves.