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Training Workshops

Science Craft’s workshops equip life scientists with the skills needed to launch a successful research career. Drawing on decades of research experience has enabled us to identify the gaps in skills training that life scientists face and to tailor Science Craft’s workshops to fill those gaps. Science Craft enables life scientists to get their research funded, published and cited at the highest level.

Science Craft’s workshops also enable top-tier graduate schools to gain a key advantage in the competition to attract the best international students.

All workshops are self-contained, but are also designed to complement each other thereby providing researchers with a comprehensive grounding in essential skills.


Science Craft’s Distinctive Advantages:

Passionate and Experienced Trainer

Icons-sm-08Passion for science and its communication creates a highly motivating workshop atmosphere that inspires participants. As an experienced scientist, each workshop trainer knows the challenges faced by young researchers first-hand.

Outstanding Participant Ratings


Science Craft’s exceptional student feedback speaks for itself. Science Craft understands that young researchers have busy schedules and this ensures that each workshop is a valuable investment of their time.


Professional Reference Material


Unlike other training providers, Science Craft provides participants with a professionally printed full colour reference book. The book guides each workshop and serves as a long-term reference that participants benefit from into the future.


A Tool-set of Transferable Skills


Science Craft’s workshops equip participants with a tool-set of transferable skills that they can use throughout their scientific careers. These skills are also valuable to scientists who transfer to other career paths.


Individualised Feedback on Writing


Each writing workshop includes plenty of one-on-one attention with an emphasis on revisions of the participants’ own material. By integrating their material into the workshop the training is tailored to match participant interests.
Quantified Feedback Summaries


Participant feedback collected immediately after each workshop is summarized in a two-page, easily accessible PDF to help co-ordinators assess performance and the value of the training.