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Since Spring 2020, graduate training programs have been confronted with the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Science Craft’s online training has not merely risen to this challenge but has also embraced new training strategies that take advantage of the opportunities presented by its “silver linings”.

Use the contact form to find out how Science Craft’s approach can be adapted to the needs and constraints of your researchers in the current environment. In the meantime, you can get a sense of Science Craft’s successful migration to the online setting from participants’ comments since March 2020:

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“This workshop was the best online workshop so far, very well organized and structured..”

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“It was interactive, that helped to keep focus. It’s very easy to zone out or get bored during zoom classes, but not for this workshop..”

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“A very lively interaction with direct feedback on your own work supported by helpful concepts..”

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“Very nicely organized. I particularly enjoyed the one-to-one feedback I got!”

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“Brian has a great sense to keep the attention of the audience while teaching so so many helpful topics I did not know before – thank you!”

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“Although an online workshop, I could really stay awake and listening because of a good balance between input and interactive exercises.”

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“…this was easily the best course concerning the live sessions and recorded sessions I took part in until now. It was very entertaining, engaging and creative.”

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“Interactive, fun, learned a lot.”

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“Excellent workshop! I really enjoyed it even though it was between two nightshifts on ICU for me.”

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“Working with shared docs and using in between session tasks spices things up a bit despite being in an online meeting.”

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“It was well-conceived from end to end.”

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“It was great to watch the prerecorded content whenever it was suitable for oneself.”

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“Taught by a native English speaker; good split between live session and watching pre-recorded material.”

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“In general this workshop is perfect to manage it online, easier to work on the computer in breaks or in exercises.”

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“Super structured, the breaks were perfectly planned.”

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“Good content; excellent teacher; live sessions; Comments on your personal writing samples.”

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“A very interactive and comprehensive overview for the paper writing. Thank you very much for the great Workshop.”

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“I would like to thank you for sharing these strategies and tools. I feel like I want to write my paper right now.”

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“I feel a lot more prepared for and comfortable with the process of peer review having taken the workshop.”

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“Educative, well-structured, enthusiastic lecturer and it definitely motivated me to write more often.”

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“A very interesting, instructive and helpful workshop with a very sympathetic lecturer.”

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“Thanks, really nice course. This definitely will boost my scientific endeavor.”

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