Participant feedback from Science Craft’s previous Writing Labs held in-house:

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“Great organization and even greater motivation.”

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“Brian gives EXCELLENT and detailed writing feedback.”

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“Before coming I felt really insecure about writing, now I feel I can finish.”

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“It’s nice to get actual feedback on writing, not corrections from a supervisor or comments from collaborators.”

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“I can’t think of a better deal.”

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“Friendly, focused, and hands-on help for getting into WRITING.”

Slide 7

“Brian made sure he paced us very well.”

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“I cannot think of a single Ph.D. student who would not benefit.”

Slide 9

“So much bang for your buck!”

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“Super productive environment!”

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“The pace was great. Thanks for being so accommodating to individual needs.”

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“Enjoyed it a lot! Very productive!”

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Through one-to-one mentoring, the “Online Writing Lab for Research Articles” creates an accelerated writing environment for early career life-scientists who want their research to be published speedily and at the highest level.

Not only will the Lab get you off to a great start when writing your next research article, it will also help get you over the finish line. Plus, by establishing good writing practice, the Lab will benefit your future papers – giving them a head start in the race to publish.

Science Craft’s Approach

The Writing Lab is designed around a structured and well-paced program:

  • Between two and five online tutorials with an experienced Writing Mentor who guides you as you write the paper – one section at a time.
  • For each section, you receive detailed edits, incisive feedback and encouragement from your Mentor.
  • A straightforward Paper Writing Recipe makes the process efficient, pain-free and even enjoyable!
  • Receive a “Writing Tool Kit” including tips and advice to overcome motivational obstacles.

Why Choose a Writing Mentor?

Your Writing Mentor supports you from start to finish in tandem with the writing process. Together you iteratively improve the text thus strengthening your writing skills into the future.

Structural aspects of the paper (e.g. focus and framing) are optimised at the start thus avoiding fundamental problems later on. In contrast, conventional editing services provide feedback only after the paper is written when it is often too late to resolve structural difficulties without going “back to the drawing board”.

Also, if you simply don’t know where to start or lose writing momentum half-way through, your Writing Mentor is there to help!

Science Craft’s Distinctive Advantages:


Tailored Support

The level of support is tailored to individual needs – choose between Gold, Silver and Bronze services. Some authors require intensive support on defining and framing their story, structuring the text and comprehensive editing line-by-line. Others need only targeted feedback and representative edits as well as motivational encouragement.


An agreed writing schedule with realistic set deadlines ensures that you maintain writing pace and the process stays on track. The Paper Writing Recipe means that both author and mentor use their time efficiently.



Dr Brian Cusack draws on a decade of experience as an editor of more than one thousand scientific texts. As a consultant and Writing Mentor he has facilitated the authors of 40 full-length scientific manuscripts and run several Writing Labs in-house.



Participants at Science Craft’s Scientific Writing workshop, already know the passion Brian brings to the topic. You can expect the same enthusiasm and the same helpful and friendly professionalism you experienced in Science Craft’s workshops!



Science Craft’s track record of Integrity speaks for itself. Since 2012, Science Craft has upheld scrupulous confidentiality with more than one thousand scientific texts including Horizon 2020 funding applications submitted at the highest level. Your science is in good hands.

The step-by-step guidance and writing tips provided by your Writing Mentor improves the quality and efficiency of your writing not just for this paper but for your future papers. This makes the Writing Clinic good value for money today and a great investment for tomorrow!



Enhanced Publication Support

To receive end-to-end publication support, you can request consultation on:

  • Writing a persuasive Cover Letter that sells your science to your first-choice journal.
  • Composing a convincing and courteous author response to the referees’ comments post-review.

Science Craft’s Track Record

Research articles benefitting from Science Craft’s mentoring and editing services have so far been published in:

Nature Plants, Nature Ecology & Evolution, Nature Communications, Cell Reports, PLOS Computational Biology, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, Biology Direct, BMC Ecology, eLife, Folia Geobotanica, Journal of Animal Ecology, Journal of Plant Ecology, Movement Ecology, Oikos, PLOS ONE, Proceedings of the Royal Society B and Scientific Reports.


The Online Writing Lab harnesses the principles introduced in Science Craft’s writing workshop. So if you are a previous workshop participant you are ready to go! If not, then comparable training in Scientific Writing and a familiarity with the principles of writing a Research Article are highly desirable.

The only other requirement is that you should have publishable data and a sense of the scientific story you want to tell!

Further Information and Signing-Up

For find out more and to inquire about scheduling a writing lab, contact Brian at writing.lab(at) Please include the following details::

  • Your current career stage
  • Your research institute
  • Your Target Journal, manuscript type (e.g. Letter or Research Article) and manuscript length
  • Specify the date you attended Science Craft’s Scientific Writing workshop (or specify any comparable training)