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Enables Life Scientists to Write Grants and Fellowships That Get Their Research Funded


Participants Learn How To:

  • View proposal writing as a competition in a marketplace of research ideas and as an instrument for career advancement.
  • Develop and sell a research idea by matching it to the goals of the targeted funding body.
  • Convince reviewers of the relevance and importance of the research idea.
  • Develop a work plan with milestones, deliverables and contingency plans.
  • Understand reviewers’ reading behaviour.
  • Engage the reviewer to advocate on their behalf to the review panel.
  • Comply with formalities and manage timelines and deadlines.


Our Teaching Approach Emphasises:

  • The participants’ own research ideas – Participants draft a mini-proposal to be used for in-class training.
  • Relevant homework – Each participant researches a selected funding source, with the focus on understanding the funder’s perspective and policy.
  • Editing – Instructors edit participants’ mini-proposals and give feedback on proposal structure, content and language use.
  • Group-work – Participants’ proposals are developed and receive instructors’ feedback.
  • Exercises – In-class activities help participants see the evaluation process through the reviewer’s eyes.
  • An informal and creative atmosphere – By sharing their opinions and experiences, participants are motivated to develop their research ideas further.


Science Craft’s Distinctive Advantage:

  • Dr Babette Regierer joins Science Craft for the instruction of the Applied Proposal Writing workshop. Her 10 years of professional proposal writing and international teaching and consulting experience encompass 200 proposal consultations and active participation in writing more than 50 proposals. This has informed her design and teaching of proposal writing courses at Pearls – Potsdam Research Network.
  • The easy-to-use reference and exercise books guide the students through all levels of proposal writing.
  • The workshop can be tailored to highlight funding opportunities for both doctoral and post-doctoral researchers.


Course Details
Duration: 2 days.
Capacity: 16 participants.
Two Instructors: Dr Babette Regierer and Dr Brian Cusack.


Participant Feedback

Outline your Research Plan

Manage the writing process